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Boredem Discovery

Drudging on through the sludge that is boredom. Oh, what a life! Pain, hurt, joy, love—these are the memory markers that we wade with. Clutching desperately to them in moments such as these where monotony encompasses; swallowing whole all of those caught unawares. I must confess that these are the moments where true self discovery is made. Not the kind that is manufactured or forced. 

At times I wish that imagination thrived at all ages and in all circumstances. Perhaps it requires a certain carefree attitude to thoroughly thrive. Ah! At last, a challenge!

Ends and Beginnings

The end of a thing is almost always marked by sadness. The beginning, with excitement. It is in the middle where we tend to forget our ends and our beginnings.

These are like the little pieces of life force; living and dying before us.The pain felt upon a death is quickly forgotten by the inception of the living.

Don’t loose these when all seems overwhelmed. Don’t forget the grace of her coming and going. Don’t be caught up with particulars and nuances. For these distractions pull the stillness and glory out of all that should be lived for.

Don’t forget.

Day 231: The Caffeinated Mitten: Commonwealth Café

Raise your hand if you can’t get through a day without caffeine. Now raise your hand if you find your caffeine source from the bottom of a well-worn cup filled with a liquid that could also be classified as mud with a touch of Splenda, as opposed to an aesthetically pleasing, frothy swirled work of art.

Don’t worry those aren’t words of judgment. I too used to be one of the college-age, crap-coffee addicts. The kind that couldn’t seem to get through a single lecture, let alone have the energy to brush her teeth in the morning without a cup of…well I guess you could call it coffee.

Once I got out of college, I felt I needed to refine my social tastes, being that I was a ‘working-girl’. Starbucks it is. Or at least it was, until I came upon the gourmet steakhouse of café’s, Commonwealth Café….

If you want to read more, check out my article The Caffeinated Mitten: Commonwealth Cafe at The Awesome Mitten

Too Early To Be Happy!

Perhaps it’s simply because I am not a morning person, but I personally think most of the working population understands there is a period in the morning constituted by silence. However, there are those few, that unique breed, that violate this unspoken law and are unbearably happy at hours of the morning that humans should not even be functioning. 

Please do not misunderstand, I am not one of those slacker employees that doesn’t get in until 10am. However, despite the fact that I may arrive much earlier, does not mean that I have any interest in discussing your weekend, why your cats are attacking each other or how excited you are to have your home PC up and running again…YET. 

I am quite a pleasant person, but please be courteous and allow a girl a minute. PLEASE. Then I will kindly and even enthusiastically participate in any conversation that you desire, mostly.


Liz Regular

I Wish I Was At CES 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but Gizmodo is one of my favorite websites. If I was able to move anywhere to work anywhere (other than Google…lets just be honest right now) I would TOTALLY move to New York and work for Gizmodo.

Anyways, they have a bunch of correspondents in Las Vegas for CES 2012 this year. For those of you who don’t know—like me before I became engaged to techzilla—This is basically the conference where anything electronic is released. TV’s, tables, computers…heck even diet restricting refrigerator are released at this thing. It’s basically the Comicon of the techie world.

Anyways, here is a sampling of some AMAZING stuff that Gizmodo has been featuring from CES 2012:

Who Needs Pixels When You Have Six Million LED’s to Light Your Display??

One of the Coolest Cameras I’ll See at CES

Putting My Hands on Vizio’s Newest Machines Gave Me Computer Envy